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GST is a comprehensive indirect tax to be levied on sale, manufacture, consumption of goods and services. It is a single tax applicable on the supply of goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. It is a tax applicable only on value addition at each stage. With the implementation of the new regime, India has become one unified market with only one indirect tax.

Different forms of GST collected by the government are:

  • State GST(SGST): It is collected by state Government.
  • Central GST(CGST): It is collected by Central Government.
  • Integrated GST(IGST): It is collected by central Government for interstate transactions and imports.
  • Union Territory Gst(UTGST): It is collected by union Territory Government.


  • A percentage of money levied on goods and services sold by Intermediary to the final consumers.
  • Consumer pays the tax in the form of higher price of items.
  • Indirect tax is imposed on clearance of goods and services from the origin which means the intermediary will pay excise duties irrespective of whether the goods were sold or not to the end customer.